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The Proof is in the Permit: How to Make Sure a Facility in Your Community Gets an Effective Title V Air Pollution Permit - Did you know that large industrial facilities must obtain government-approved permits both before they are built and when they begin to operate? These permits protect our health by telling the facility how much it must cut back its polluting emissions, what kinds of air pollution control technology it must use, and what kinds of monitoring and record-keeping it will use to make sure it's doing what it's supposed to. These permits are the "guidebooks" used by the facility, regulators, and the public, to ensure that our Clean Air laws are being followed.
EDC worked with the New York Public Interest Research Group to produce this resource manual for citizen participation.

Information on the Harshaw Chemical Site
PDF Press Release from the Army Corps of Engineers with links to additional information on the FUSRAP program and projects.

NRDC’s "Toxic Power" uses publicly-available data to rank states and power plants based on 2010 air pollution levels showing that Ohio (#2) only follows Kentucky (#1) among the top 20 toxic U.S. states where residents are at a higher risk of numerous health problems just by breathing.

Do you know the E-Check program removes 74 tons of harmful emissions each day. And the Ohio EPA has introduced a new, decentralized E-check program called ChoicePlus with 16 self service kiosks and 53 new testing locations. More information here.

The U.S. EPA has released the 17th annual U.S. greenhouse gas inventory showing that overall emissions have grown by over 10% from 1990 to 2010.

Click here to access EPAs new GHG Reporting Program Data and Data Publication Tool to look at state and local emissions as well as resource tools.

Cuyahoga County implementd a year-round household hazardous waste disposal program - more information at: Click here for your city’s program and accepted materials:

Cleveland's campaign to reduce unnecessary engine idling is called the Clean Air Zone, check it out! 

View Cleveland's Hazecam.

Cleveland's expanded automated waste collection and curbside recycling program.