Recycling Alternatives

Participate in county-wide recycling for the following items:

Click here to read about the city of Cleveland's expanded automated waste collection and curbside recycling program. You can recycle glass, plastic bottles, metal cans, mixed paper and cardboard. Help Cleveland reduce waste, increase recycling and save money!

For more information on Cuyahoga County's recycling programs call (216) 443-3749 or click

Click below for recycling information from the City of Cleveland.

The City of Cleveland has an automated waste-collection Pilot Program for 15,000 residents. The new system should encourage more participation in recycling since items can be recycled curbside.

Click here for a program overview.
Click here FAQ's and information on the Blue Carts for curbside collection.
Click here for more information.
Click here for a list of pilot areas in each ward.

No Cleveland resident is more that two miles from a 24-hour recycling drop-off location. Check the list below for the one nearest you:

All City of Cleveland Drop-Off Sites Now Accepting:
•all mixed and all grades of paper including cardboard
•all metal and glass containers
•all plastic containers numbered 1-7. Turn your container over and check the number in the recycling triangle on the bottom.
For more information:

Tired of junk mail and unwanted phone calls? Click here to download a flyer from the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District with tips and information about that endless stream of junk mail (EPA estimates that 100 million trees are used to produce the 90 billion pieces of US junk mail each year!) The flyer also has information on how to stop unwanted telemarketer telephone calls, credit card and insurance offers, local coupons and more.