Earth Day Coalition was incorporated in 1990 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day in Ohio. Our first office was located in the Turning Point offices on the West Superior Viaduct on the west bank of the Flats in downtown Cleveland. With a small budget, two staff persons and hundreds of dedicated volunteers, EarthFest ’90 was presented in the newly constructed RainForest building at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Over 38,000 people attended our first Earth Day event along with exhibitors from northeast Ohio environmental organizations, agencies, schools and businesses, and generous event sponsors. Each year since 1990 hundreds of exhibitors and between 10,000 and 50,000 people celebrate at EarthFest, making this event one of the longest standing and most successful Earth Day celebrations in the country.

From an initial environmental education focus on recycling and solid waste, energy efficiency and conservation, and community pollution prevention our staff has grown to six full time persons with the support of up to six interns per year. Our programs have grown into nationally recognized environmental education and leadership programs that serve students, teachers, neighborhood and community organizations, government agencies and business.

David Brower, the father of the modern environmental movement, was a tremendous influence on Earth Day Coalition. From helping us plan our programs, to participating in EarthFest and allowing us to use his name for our annual volunteer award, David gave generously of himself to help make sure Earth Day Coalition did our best to conserve, protect and restore the Earth.

We publish “Green Pages Database ,” Northeast Ohio’s environmental resource guide and Green Pages directory located on our web site. A member and affiliate newsletter, the “Earth Day Coalition News,” is published quarterly. We also produce numerous fact sheets and publications and have an accessible resource library.

Our offices are located on Bridge Avenue in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Ohio City. We share office space with the Near West Food and Family Service Center, Inter Religious Task Force on Central America (IRTF), and the Near West Theater. Please visit us at 3606 Bridge Avenue at W 38th and Bridge Avenue across from the Carnegie West Cleveland Public Library, and near the Cleveland Environmental Center. Click here to view a map.