EarthFest Health & Fitness Area

Health & Fitness Area

10:30am - Ride & Work Out , spinning demo by owner Ann Weixel

11:15am - "Connecting to Nature with Mudras", presentation by Author and Massage Therapist, Emily Williams

12:00pm - " Boost Your Energy Naturally" by:Organic Lifestyle Expert & Health Coach, Rebecca Reynolds

12:30pm - "Superfood Treats for Athletes" presentation & demo by Debbie Moskowitz, owner Cinnamon


1:00pm - "Secrets of Long Life" presentation by Dr. Todd Pesek, MD., Great Lakes Health Institute

1:40pm - "Strength Conditioning with Kettle Bells" fitness demo by Jim Wallack, Fitness Expert
2:15pm - "Clean Green & Healthy" presentation by Rebecca Reynolds, Founder Green Clean.
3:00pm - "Calming Children with Mudras", presentation by Emily Williams, Author


Earth Day Coalition would like to thank Green Clean for organizing the Health & Fitness area at EarthFest 2011.