EarthFest 2017 - Zero Waste at EarthFest

EarthFest is a Zero Waste event. Zero waste requires thinking about how items can be eliminated from the waste stream and how the remaining waste can be converted into a resource. At EarthFest we will provide bins for composting, recycling, and waste with the ultimate goal of having little to no waste at the end of the event. EarthFest 2015 generated only 7 bags of landfill and 1.6 tons of compost through the cooperation and assistance of last year’s exhibitors, attendees, and volunteers. With the help of the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Kimble, Zero Waste NEO, and plenty of dedicated volunteers, we hope to make our goal of close to 100% waste diversion. All vendors and exhibitors have also committed to our zero waste guidelines by only using compostable and recyclable materials.

For more information about our Zero Waste event, check out:

Zero Waste NEO--Zero Waste Event Planning Guide
This helpful guide explains what zero waste is, the importance of going zero, as well as provides handy tips for hosting a zero waste event. 

Earth Day Coalition--Zero Waste Tips At Home, At Work & In Your Community
This one-sheet guide from EarthFest 2014 the Year of Zero Waste is a great resource offering zero waste tips for your home, work, and community.

Earth Day Coalition--EarthFest 2017 Zero Waste Guidelines for Exhibitors
This useful one-sheet, while aimed for exhibitors as a resource, can be used as a resource to see what can be recycle or composted, and what actually counts as "waste".