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Fuel for Thought: An Innovative Breakfast Series
Innovations in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technology & Deployment

Earth Day Coalition is proud to present Fuel for Thought, a monthly breakfast speaker series featuring innovations in alternative fuel technology, infrastructure and supply.  Speakers are hosted the third Friday of every month at AMP 150 in the Cleveland Airport Marriott from 7am-9:30am.  Regional leaders present a technical and reality based analysis of alternative fuels in the market place, in fleet management and emerging technologies.  Past speakers include Kari Solomon (Greater Cleveland RTA), Brad Trembath (NatGasCar), Jim Kerver (AmeriGas) and Pat Valente (Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition). 

Image Image
Pat Valente, Executive Director of Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition,
presents on Friday, November 21 at AMP 150
Kari Solomon, Budget Analyst at Greater Cleveland RTA,
presented on August
22 at AMP 150

On December 19, we welcome two speakers from NASA Glenn Research Center:

“Fuel Cell Technology, It’s not Just for NASA Anymore” ~ Kenneth Burke
NASA pioneered the use of fuel cells in the 1960’s to support its manned space program, and has continued to use fuel cells for power generation on its manned missions like the Space Shuttle. Currently, NASA is expecting to use fuel cell technology to provide electric power for manned spacecraft that would go back to the moon and beyond to Mars. Unlike the 1960’s fuel cell technology has spread to the commercial and industrial sectors of the world economy. This is because the technology is clean, quiet, and easily adapted to a host of power applications. This presentation will provide a little historical background, but then discuss where fuel cell technology is today and where it is going in the future.
“Ohio’s First Electrolysis-Based Hydrogen Fueling Station” ~ Brianne DeMattia-Scheidegger
In collaboration with several entities in the Northeast Ohio area, the NASA Glenn Research Center and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) installed and operated a hydrogen fueling station that uses electrolysis to generate hydrogen on-site. The fueling station was installed at RTA’s Hayden bus facility in East Cleveland during the fall of 2012. RTA operated a fuel cell bus utilizing the produced hydrogen in revenue service around downtown Cleveland through March 2013, showing the community the benefits of utilizing hydrogen as a fuel over gasoline or diesel.

Additional Presentations include:

  • Friday, December 19: NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Friday, January 16: quasar energy group will kick off Earth Day Coalition’s Year of Clean Water activities and present on their renewable energy facility and it’s implications for wastewater recovery
  • Friday, February 13: TBD

Registration includes a full breakfast buffet prepared by Chef Jeff Jarrett of AMP 150.  Register by calling (216) 281-6468 ext. 231 or online at  The cost is $25 for members and $40 for non-members and a discount is available when all sessions are purchased as a group.  Space is limited. 

 Check out this Cool Cleveland article on Fuel for Thought posted on 8.20.14

For more information about Earth Day Coalition's Clean Transportation program events, contact Christina Yoka at (216) 281-6468 ext. 231 or by email at

EarthFest 2015

EarthFest 2015 Exhibitor registration is now open

Register by Friday, December 19 to receive a special early bird rate!

Click here to download your application today

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Click here to view some more great photos from EarthFest 2014. 

Earth Day Coalition is excited to announce EarthFest 2015 will be Sunday, April 19 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. In partnership with Mayor Frank Jackson’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, this year’s EarthFest will celebrate the “Year of Clean Water.”  EarthFest will feature 270 exhibits in 9 sustainability exhibit areas including: Zero Waste, Advanced & Renewable Energy, Environmental Science, Local & Sustainable Food, Clean Transportation (with Ride & Drive), Health & Fitness, Community Works, Family Fun and Green Home & Garden.  Families will enjoy all day entertainment with eco-activities, biodiesel powered amusement park rides, all day music, urban farm animals, healthy food from local food trucks and much more… 

Presented and organized by Earth Day Coalition since 1990, EarthFest is Ohio’s largest environmental education event and the longest running Earth Day celebration in the nation.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.  Call Christina at (216) 281-6468 ext. 231 or email to learn more. 



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Earth Day Coalition

Earth Day Coalition (EDC) is a nonprofit environmental education and leadership organization serving Northeast Ohio and the nation. EDC was established in 1990 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day in Ohio. EDC has four core programs.

Earth Day

EarthFest is organized every April to celebrate Earth Day in Ohio. Over 175 exhibitors, 10,000-50,000 attendees and 800 volunteers participate in making EarthFest Ohio’s largest environmental education event and the longest running Earth Day celebration in the nation.

Clean Transportation

We are accelerating the deployment of clean fuels and vehicles since receiving the U. S. Department of Energy’s “Clean Cities” designation for Northeast Ohio in 1999. We also promote clean technologies and practices such as idle reduction, mass transit, car sharing, bicycle infrastructure and other initiatives to improve air quality and quality of life, while reducing petroleum consumption and the causes of Climate Change.